LEARN. CONNECT. GROW. with Like-minded Content Creators and Entrepreneurs



24/7 Access to materials designed around content strategy and social selling


Monthly mastermind classes to help everyone grow and improve content creation


Weekly networking calls and private chat forum so members can support one another's content


I am the proof of the power of thought leadership: I have made 7-figures in paid consulting, coaching, and influencer opportunities over the past 3 years….and I could have made even more considering I did not market much, did not cold pitch anyone, and I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ANY DIGITAL PRODUCTS!

My posts regularly attract thousands of organic views. No bots, no engagement pods, and no tricks. And more importantly, I get clients! 

As a business coach, I know that most solopreneurs struggle to attract ad convert paying customers with their content. With my marketing background, I know the winning formula. After all, vanity metrics don't pay the bills.

I created this club to help you be successful at social media with the support of group coaching and accountability. 

Are you ready to take your content to new levels?

I hope to see you on the inside!


From Follower to Leader Club: hybrid course, mastermind, and community for content creators and entrepreneurs

Join if you want to learn tactics to get more followers, sell better, and take the stress out of content production.



A club for entrepreneurs and content creators that combines sales, marketing, and business success strategies for thought leadership In the From Follower to Leader club, I will teach you to become a true thought leader who attracts paying deals. This program is for serious folks who want to use social media for impact and influence, not those chasing vanity metrics to “show off” or “feel cool”.



I am the proof of the power of thought leadership: I have made 7-figures in paid consulting, coaching, and influencer opportunities over the past 3 years….and I could have made even more considering I did not market much, did not cold pitch anyone, and I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ANY DIGITAL PRODUCTS!


This program is for aspiring to 6k entrepreneurs, affiliates, and Business Development, Marketing, and Sales professionals who want to learn tactics of personal branding, content strategy, and social selling to attract and grow their target audience in a strategic and measurable way for longevity and high ROI. The ideal student is driven, disciplined, and will not give up until they reach their goals.



Someone looking to grow for vanity reasons, wants magical results but does not want to put in the work or who is not hungry enough to fulfill their dreams



To build a system for your brand that enables a steady flow of inbound leads

-Develop a personal brand that attracts your ideal audience

-Obtain a hassle-free content framework to produce great content for your blog, socials, and lives

-Elevate your status from regular Joe to thought leader to get opportunities like paid speaking, coaching and consultations, sell your services, influencer deals, book deals, important collaborations, ad revenue, or sponsors

-Learn a realistic content system with high productivity but that still leaves you time for your actual life too

- Attract real-life dream opportunities, both paid and unpaid

- Make more money and achieve financial freedom

- Life live on your terms with a success mindset



Community, accountability, learning, and resources for business bosses. Included in the plan are:

-Monthly masterclass

-Weekly community calls

-Extensive library of resources for entrepreneurs

-Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs

-Pre-launch access and discounts on many courses and coaching

-Profile teardowns


The Program already has enough curriculum for 12 months, and with the discount, you can opt in to an annual membership for some savings or you can book for one month to try to it (fully up to you)!


1. WHAT WILL I GET OUT OF THE MEMBERSHIP?  - Everything you need to grow a successful social media account, content strategy made easy, and social selling, combined with networking with other creators and digital CEOs, monthly masterclasses, and a ton of exclusive resources valued at thousands of dollars.

2. WHAT IF I'VE ALREADY HIRED A COACH OR WORK WITH SOMEONE 1:1?  - This is not a coaching program; this is a learning community and a deep dive into content critic from others who may be your ideal customers!

3. WHAT IF I'VE ALREADY TAKEN (OR AM CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN) A PERSONAL BRANDING OR PLATFORM-SPECIFIC (LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM, ETC) COURSE? - This is a club, NOT a course. You get the benefit on a high-level overview, networking, support, and resources all-in-one. But you definitely should get all information before you join so register via the APPLY NOW button to get invited to the open house (dates will be announced via email for all who are on the list).

4. WHO IS THIS CLUB FOR? - This club is for anyone who wants or needs to grow on social media but doesn't have the budget nor desire to hire a full-time Social Media Manager or Agency. If you own a business and need to attract clients or you want to build a personal brand for any reason (publish a book, become a speaker, be known as an industry thought leader), this club is the right place. What matters is that you want to work on your social media strategy AND network with other content creators.

5. CAN I PAUSE or CANCEL THE MEMBERSHIP? - There are no refunds so if you purchased the annual membership but can't participate, reach out to us and we can pause or credit your account. On the monthly plan, you can pause or cancel anytime but unfortunately, we can't provide refunds. Just email [email protected], and we will help you.

6. WHY SHOULD I PICK THIS OVER OTHER SOLUTIONS? - There are many options for branding and marketing, but sadly, most of them are either bogus or expensive (and sometimes both!). I created this club BECAUSE I wanted to give entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives an affordable and high-quality solution to grow their social media accounts the right way, without spam nor spending hours online, and with all the support they could possibly get along the way.

7. I WANT TO ASK MORE QUESTIONS. - Just email us. We are happy to help! [email protected]