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Profitable Solopreneur™️ Community packs an incredible amount of value into a ridiculously low price.

Join our community for entrepreneurs who want to network with like-minded peers for accountability, motivation, and mutual support. Includes monthly accountability calls, quarterly challenges with prizes, demo days, and 24/7 access to the community online forum. Read more here: 


Coaches, Consultants, Creatives, Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Subject-Matter Experts


Anyone who isn't trying to become the go-to thought leader in their field


  • Monthly marketing masterclass

  • 2/4 access to marketing curriculum

  • Access to any guest expert speakers
  • 24/7 access to the community forum and 'The Community Vault' with an ever-increasing supply of marketing resources and on-demand trainings
  • First Wednesday of each month, we have a live group accountability call on Zoom to set our intentions for success, share, and get support.

  • Every quarter we have a challenge for 4 challenges total per year to add extra motivation (with winners and prizes!)

  • The third Wednesday of every quarter we host a DEMO DAY when anyone can share what they are building and ask for feedback or advice from the community.

  • Hot Seats are organized regularly for the community

  • Potential collaborations and partnerships

  •  Special discounts on certain Academy products and services, including member-only rate for 1:1 coaching

  • Amazing Bonus Included: Masterclass Series "Build 5 Income Streams" (Value: $3,500) Includes:

  • -"High Ticket Consulting/B2B Services",

    -"Easy Money With Workshops,

    Boot camps, and Live Masterclasses",

    -"Courses and Digital Products",

    -"Community and Subscriptions", and

    -"Affiliate Partnerships"


Having grown my own startup from zero to 8-figures as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and 20+ yr SaaS marketing veteran, I now help service-based consultants and early-stage start-up CEOs grow thriving businesses via my platform for entrepreneurs,


-Direct coaching from a marketing veteran and agency leader who has grown a strong personal brand and knows how to teach it

-Amazing lesson plan mapped out for 12 masterclasses over 12 months, complete with captioned videos, downloadables, case study examples, and resources

-Access to like-minded entrepreneurs for mutual support and friendships

-Increased motivation through membership

-Access to like-minded entrepreneurs for mutual support and friendships

-Bounce ideas off others for priceless feedback

-Mutual support for launches

-Never feel alone again

-Good work habits

-Less isolation and improved mental health


Grow your following and thought leadership, take the stress out of marketing, and learn priceless content strategies you will keep for a lifetime

Stay accountable, build valuable relationships, and stay motivated 12 months per year (if you opt to)!


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What People Are Saying:

When I started working with Krista, I informed her my word of the year was Clarity. She immediately began to bring that word to life in my business. The level of inquiries that are converting to clients, has increased at least 3X in the last 45 days! If you know you need help with your biz, talk to Krista she rocks!

Chris C.

I have worked with and know a lot of 'business coaches' and to say that Krista Mollion is one of a kind is not high enough praise for her! Krista is one of the most giving coaches that I know. As our relationship evolved over the years, we have shifted from teacher to mentor and to friend. Krista's zeal for life and passion for coaching is apparent from the first conversation you have with her. I cannot recommend Krista highly enough; she is a coach/mentor that you will never forget!

Robert S.

This lovely human helped me solidify a Linkedin Strategy that works. And she gave me a bigger vision for my overall business. Krista was supportive on a business and life-happens level. She is the real deal and she will do her best to support you in the ways you need, guide you in the direction you might know exists, and she is kind. You should totally hire her :)

Sonia F.

I had a power session with Krista recently. And let me tell you--she is a powerhouse! She just brims with business and marketing acumen. She helped me see where I was going wrong in my business and where I need improvement. She homed in on my main struggles and gave me so much insight on how to present myself on LinkedIn. I had had help before my session with Krista but she goes deep, focusing on the details that'll make your business stand out. She's a warm person who's not afraid to dole out the tough love. I highly recommend Krista for business and marketing coaching! She'll set you straight.

Juana P.

$199 for 30-Day Access

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Join our Book Club for Leaders!

Leaders are readers.


-monthly book recommendations for books covering business, marketing, sales, and mindset.

-live meetups 1 x month (replays included)

-access to our book club community

Reading together is always better!